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Blog: Unwritten Rules Of Men's Restrooms

September 26, 2012

To extend the conversation beyond monthly articles or columns and frequent quips on social media outlets, Managing Editor Aaron Baunee shares whatever is on his mind regarding the growing atmosphere of commercial cleaning and maintenance.Men's Restroom

Society functions with the help of written rules, regulations, laws and various guidelines.

But, in many facets of life, there are unwritten rules that govern our existence as civilized individuals.

The 10 unwritten rules of men's restrooms:

  1. Always look toward the floor or straight ahead
  2. Do not converse at urinals
  3. Always leave a one-stall buffer if possible
  4. Never talk on your cell phone, Bluetooth or two-way radio while answering nature's call
  5. Flushing after you've finished is mandatory

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