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Unwritten Rules Of Men's Restrooms

These 10 rules are not written in porcelain, but they should be understood by every human with a Y chromosome.

September 21, 2012

Society functions with the help of written rules, regulations, laws and various guidelines.

But, in many facets of life, there are unwritten rules that govern our existence as civilized individuals.

So, in that spirit, I have compiled a short list that every human with a Y chromosome should know and follow.

The 10 unwritten rules of men's restrooms:Men's Restroom

  1. Always look toward the floor or straight ahead
  2. Do not converse at urinals
  3. Always leave a one-stall buffer if possible
  4. Never talk on your cell phone, Bluetooth or two-way radio while answering nature's call
  5. Flushing after you've finished is mandatory
  6. Never sit down to urinate unless defecation is inevitable
  7. Courtesy flushes are always welcomed
  8. Urinals and commodes are purpose-built objects and should be utilized accordingly
  9. Always wash your hands before exiting the restroom
  10. If paper towels are present, it is mandatory to either take a jump shot or slam dunk your used towels.

Do You Have Something To Add?

It is entirely possible that this list can be longer, and there very well could be something I forgot to mention.

So, if you have additional unwritten rules to add, please do so by commenting on this post.

I am not keen on the rules of ladies' rooms; but, if you are, please share your insights with the rest of us.