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Janitor files discrimination suit

September 19, 2012

EUGENE, OR — A former Lane Community College (LCC) custodian has filed a more than $400,000 employment discrimination lawsuit alleging that he suffered "disparate treatment and racist comments" because of his race, according to The Register-Guard.

lawsuitRobert Scott, an African American, re-filed his civil rights lawsuit in a U.S. District Court last week, alleging he experienced "an environment of racism" while employed by LCC from March to July 2011, the article stated.

According to the article, the suit alleges that Scott endured racist comments from co-workers at daily meetings, such as, "I've worked with a lot of darkies, and you're a pretty hard worker."

On July 21, 2011, Scott was laid off from his position, reportedly for lack of productivity, but LCC quickly hired two white and less experienced custodians to replace him the next day, the article noted.