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Survey looks at mobile device use

September 18, 2012

CHICAGO — A survey asked JanSan professionals, including distributors, building service contractors (BSCs) and in-house cleaning workers, about their use of mobile devices such as smartphones and "tablet" computers, according to a press release.

Seventy-one percent indicated they use a smartphone and about 67 percent use a flatscreen tablet computer, the release stated.

mobile devices"Those numbers did not surprise us. We wanted to learn more, like how they use these devices and why," said Jolynn Kennedy, marketing director for Tornado Industries.

According to the release, the survey found that the respondents use their mobile devices mainly for the following reasons:

  • 33 percent read articles from a variety of sources
  • 29 percent check e-mail
  • 24 percent keep in touch with current news
  • 14 percent said they watch videos, play games or “other” on their mobile devices.

The survey also asked if an app from a JanSan manufacturer could prove helpful — more than half (57 percent) responded yes; most of the rest, about 40 percent, said they were simply "not sure," the release noted.