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Autistic janitor fired after outburst

September 14, 2012

wantagh janitorWANTAGH, NY — A Long Island community is backing a beloved custodian who was fired after an outburst, according to WABC-TV.

Mel Turner, who is autistic, was reportedly the subject of severe and ongoing bullying, and students say Turner "simply lost it," the article stated.

According to the article, Turner not only lost his job, but also his connection to the community, as he would no longer be allowed to attend school-related events.

According to parents, Turner's autism gave him the talent to remember dates like birthdays after hearing them only once, but it also meant a lifetime of bullying, the article noted.

Back in July, a group of students cursed and teased Turner, and when he ran into a different group of students while walking home, he allegedly threatened to blow up the school; students recorded the outburst and Turner was suspended and eventually fired, the article added.