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Seven ways to show appreciation for cleaning workers

September 13, 2012

CINCINNATI — In honor of International Housekeeper’s Week, Cintas Corporation has announced seven tips to help businesses show their housekeeping staffs appreciation for helping provide a safer, cleaner and healthier indoor environment, according to a press release.

international housekeeping week"The significant role that housekeeping staffs play in preventing infection and protecting health should never go unnoticed," said David Mesko, senior director of marketing and strategy for Cintas Corporation.

"By making their jobs easier and expressing gratitude, businesses can ensure these hardworking employees feel appreciated at all times," Mesko added.

According to the release, Cintas suggests the following tips to show housekeepers appreciation year round:

  1. Lead by example: Housekeepers truly appreciate a manager who understands what they do. Demonstrating a solid understanding of cleaning procedures and approaching training with sleeves rolled up will go a long way with workers. Additionally, when results and performance are audited, housekeepers will know that management fully understands their job responsibilities.
  2. Solicit feedback: To ensure that cleaning staffs' needs are fulfilled and job satisfaction remains high, ask for feedback. Listen to their thoughts on work conditions, equipment, supplies and current procedures. Enforce an open-door policy for feedback and provide a suggestion box. Make sure they understand the importance of their feedback and its influence on management.
  3. Provide fully stocked carts: Ensure that housekeeping carts are consistently stocked and replenished before each shift. By providing adequate supplies, housekeepers will be better equipped to quickly clean buildings and replenish supplies, limiting unnecessary trips to storage closets. Employees will feel appreciated when they know they have the tools and supplies required for daily cleaning activities and do not have to hoard items.
  4. Improve ergonomics: Reduce everyday physical strain by providing tools and equipment designed to ease housekeeping duties and limit injury. Ergonomically-designed brooms and mops can effectively reduce bodily strain and fatigue. Ensure that cleaning equipment is lightweight to increase ease of use and movability around tight corners. Place anti-fatigue matting in laundry areas or other locations where workers stand for long periods of time to minimize strain. Safety matting also effectively reduces likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents while housekeepers move quickly through the facility.

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