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September 13, 2012

Editor's note:

Each month, we welcome readers to opine on the noteworthy — or even the trivial — aspects of their lives as JanSan professionals.

The following is some of the correspondence we have received in recent weeks.

Expanding Infection Awareness

I read your article, "Infection Awareness Should Not Take A Summer Vacation," in the July 2012 issue and couldn't agree with you more.

In addition to awareness of illnesses that seasonally come and go, more people need to be conscious of bloodborne pathogens.

They can survive in a single drop of dried blood for over a week and have the potential to spread diseases like Hepatitis.

People get exposed to these diseases multiple times every day in public women's restrooms.

Until recently, little attention has been given to this problem that endangers women and the children they bring with them into public restroom facilities.

In addition, janitorial staffs are at high risk of infection while they clean women's restrooms.

Thankfully, this no longer needs to be the case with new feminine hygiene care products that protect the health of people frequenting and cleaning these facilities while preserving the planet for future generations. – Amy Fuentes, president of MORE Enterprises LLC.

Googols Of Mistakes

Being able to reach millions of consumers through the most popular portal, the Internet, is the biggest benefit to having a website.

It can be a challenge to be placed on one of the first three pages of search engine results, but if you can achieve this task, businesses should provide a flawless website to keep visitors' interest.

Too often, however, many businesses make foolish mistakes on their website.

Though some may be small like color contrasting, they make a large impact on visitors' experiences and may result in a loss in potential revenue.

The time commitment and monetary investment could be wasted on professional websites unless they are executed effectively.

Partnering with a competent web hosting company can help you avoid the most common mistakes businesses make.

With their tips and advice, you will be able to avoid making mistakes and ensure that website visitors have a positive experience with your website and, in turn, your business. – Kelly Meeneghan, manager of 1&1 Internet Inc.

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