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Tuesday's Ask the Experts: What is the best way to use a dirt napper to clean carpet?

September 11, 2012

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Tuesday's Question:

I have just purchased a dirt napper for cleaning carpets, it has 1-1/4-inch trim bristles outside rows and 5/16-inch trim bristles for the inside rows and a bonnet in the middle.

I have never used one before and need the dos and don’ts of using this; should I wet the bonnet with solution or just spray it?

Tuesday's Answer:

First of all, consult the carpet warranty and care instructions. Some carpet mills discourage the use of bonnet cleaning or processes that could distort the fiber or loosen seams. Secondly, many technicians prefer to reserve the process for a carpet pre-scrub operation, as it tends to be more aggressive than a single bonnet.

If you plan to pre-scrub or encapsulate with the spin device, I highly recommend a shower-feed tank. A manual spray system takes about 40 percent longer and inevitably leads to dry spots, which the brush then grabs, and this could lead to ... Gary Clipperton, president of National Pro Clean Corporation.

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