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Go Go Gadget Backpack Vacuum!

September 10, 2012

Inspector Gadget may have been a lovably blundering cartoon star, but he had one thing that all professional cleaners wish they had. No matter what the problem, he could always solve it with one of his trusty gadgets, which were built-in to his cyborg body.

Inspector Gadget would never have to stop cleaning to run to the custodial closet for another tool, and he would never lose time wrestling a bulky vacuum up or down a flight of stairs. Everything he needed was on his person at all times.

ProTeam's new Super Coach Pro™ is as close to "Go Go Gadget vacuum!" as you can get. Ergonomic and lightweight, the triangular-shaped backpack hugs close to the user, acting as a part of the torso. The patented articulating harness keeps the unit upright and centered, giving the user full range of motion.

The Super Coach Pro is designed to move with, not resist, the body's natural movements. The wearer is free to move about a space as if the vacuum weren't there. The lightweight wand acts as an extension of the arm, allowing for high and low cleaning with ease. The accessory belt guarantees that all needed attachments are always conveniently at hand.

Cleaning professionals may not be able to become part-cyborg in order to achieve maximum productivity. Fortunately, they don't have to. The Super Coach Pro launches this October at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Chicago 2012. Come see the next generation in cleaning comfort. Or visit