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Study calls out dirty nature of mobile communication devices

September 7, 2012

FARGO, ND — A new study by Dr. Augusto Alonto from the University of North Dakota reaffirms the notion that toilet seats are relatively clean when compared to cellphones, according to WDAY-TV.

Dirty Cell PhoneAs per his research, Alonto found that cellphones contain an average of 10 times more germs and bacteria than a public toilet seat, the story stated.

The reason for the discrepancy in cleanliness is that toilet seats are cleaned rather frequently, while cellphones may be periodically wiped down at best — but rarely sanitized or disinfected, the story noted.

In not wanting to contribute to hysteria, Alonto said, "Most of the bacteria we see on cellphones are just hanging out, so as long as we don't lick the cellphone or anything like that, we'll be okay."

According to the story, germs and bacteria build up on cellphones very quickly because they come into contact with our hands and mouth, which are the dirtiest places on the human body.

Restroom patrons are urged not to use their cellphones while in the restroom because, in all likelihood, the devices will not be cleaned afterwards, exacerbating the bacteria buildup, the story added.