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Back to school doesn't have to mean back to illness

August 28, 2012

CINCINNATI — Cintas Corporation has revealed its top tips for dealing with sickness during back to school season, according to a press release.

When children return to school, many businesses will also experience a spike in workplace illnesses, the release stated.

"Since employees often work through their illness, it is essential for them to understand how to limit the impact of their illness and prevent the spread of infection to other workers," said Nancy Petersen, senior marketing manager for Cintas First Aid and Safety.

"From first-aid cabinet solutions to simple hygiene tips, workers should be equipped with methods for quick recovery," Petersen added.

According to the release, the top tips for workers during back to school season include:

1.    Take medicine at the first signs of sickness
2.    Avoid medication that can induce drowsiness
3.    Stay hydrated
4.    Cover cuts and abrasions
5.    Keep hands clean.

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