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Polishing and sweeping toward a new year

August 20, 2012

VIENNA, WV — Thursday marks the opening of a new school year for Wood County Schools, and custodians throughout the district are busy polishing, cleaning and arranging, according to the News and Sentinel.

The yearly cleaning is something most people never experience, but it remains a vital part of creating and maintaining a positive environment for both students and staff, the article stated.

Image courtesy of Michael Erb of the News and Sentinel

According to the article, while custodians ramp up their cleaning efforts in the summer when the schools are virtually empty, head custodian Mary Gates is quick to point out that it’s really a year-round task.

"Our goal is to have the cleanest environment possible for the kids. When you see the children's faces on the first day, the smiles, that is what it's all about," said Gates.

Preparation for the next year begins after the last day of school with the custodians removing furniture from rooms and beginning a top-down scrub, the article noted.

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