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2007 In-House Cleaning Operations Benchmarking Survey Report

September 19, 2010
To help you gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of your in-house operation, CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management® magazine collected data from facilities across the country.

Presented in the following pages, the “2007 In-House Cleaning Operations Benchmarking Survey Report” provides the latest industry facts and figures, from owners’ demographics and prevailing wages to departmental responsibilities, outsourcing and training.

Read on to learn:
  • How much in-house cleaning pays in your region.
  • Which maintenance tasks generate the most complaints for your counterparts.
  • How much average annual expenditures cost facility maintenance departments.
  • Who comprises the nation’s in-house cleaning staff.
  • What are the most common staffing issues.
  • Which new job tasks your peers are now responsible for, and much more.

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Not a scientific study. Procter & Gamble’s P&G Pro Line sponsored this survey report, but is not responsible for the accuracy of the data.

This survey was conducted and produced by the research department at the CM B2B Trade Group™, the parent of CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management® magazine. It is being sponsored as a service to the industry by P&G Pro Line™, Procter & Gamble’s complete line of floor care, carpet care, daily cleaner and specialty cleaner products.