Orbital Scrubbers - More than Just Project Machines

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Orbital Scrubbers – More than Just Project Machines

When you think of orbital scrubbers, you may picture a project machine that is pulled out of storage or rented when you have a specific need. Think again. Today's orbital machines are maneuverable, ergonomically-designed workhorses that can handle anything from everyday scrubbing to floor finish removal. Tennant's T300 orbital scrubber, for example, is designed with vibration mitigation and versatility in mind, with the ability to operate along walls and in corners. At the same time, however, it’s powerful enough to aggressively attack any dirt or debris in its path.
For facilities with sustainability initiatives, an orbital machine can deliver environmental benefits that save money at the same time. Opting for a feature like Tennant Company's ec-H2O NanoClean technology on an orbital scrubber makes it possible to remove floor finishes without the use of pricey and caustic floor-stripping chemicals.

Whether stripping old finish or maintaining a floor, the wide variety of scrubbing pads available can make orbital scrubbers very versatile. One machine can do everything from removing light soil, to heavy-duty scrubbing and floor finish removal, to maintaining a polished floor or even cleaning a tile floor with grout lines.
To get the most functionality possible from your orbital scrubber, ask these questions when choosing a machine:
  • Is the machine built durably enough for daily use in a wide variety of tasks?
  • Does the machine have good vibration mitigation to allow operators comfortable use for a long period of time?
  • Is the machine maneuverable enough to work in corners and along edges, saving operator time and effort?
  • Is the machine effective in a range of tasks, from cleaning lightly soiled floors to stripping multiple coats of floor finish?
  • If sustainability is a consideration, does the machine provide the option of cleaning or stripping floors without added chemicals?
While orbital scrubbing machines may have originally been built only for special projects, the current reality is different. Consider them as multipurpose machines that can handle almost any type of flooring issue—regular daily scrubbing, project use, deep cleaning, and more.
Get started with more information on Tennant Company's orbital scrubbers here, or read about Marsden South LLC's experience with Tennant Company!
Posted On April 12, 2016
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Orbital Scrubbers - More than Just Project Machines
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