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Move Forward With Technology

September 19, 2010
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Many horse riders surely thought the automobile was just a fad.

Early adopters of the auto were ridiculed for poor craftsmanship and frequent breakdowns.

However, they refused to believe that the horse was the best means of transportation.

On the other side, horse riders likely believed their way was also correct.

This was in part due to their heavy investment.

Many of the first opponents of the automobile were people who raised, sold and maintained horses.

They refused to believe that the horse was not the final chapter in the world’s need for transportation.

Resisting change
Evidence of resistance to change and technology can be found throughout history.

Air travel, radio and TV communication, and the everyday use of computers were all ideas that, before implemented, were thought to be science fiction.

Bill Gates, after securing his operating system for desktop computers, went to the IBM board of directors and pitched an idea that he saw a future where every home had a personal computer.

The IBM board did not share in his vision and chose to pass on the idea because most computers at that time took up entire rooms.

Technology in cleaning
Additionally, today’s use of technology in the cleaning industry is also prevalent.

Microfiber, green cleaning products, and computerized training systems are the latest fads in a long line of cleaning industry changes.

The fact that mop buckets are now made of roto-molded plastic, and not still welded out of galvanized steel, is a change that was met with some resistance.

Change is a constant force in the world.

As we progress as a civilization, we are forced to listen to new ideas, see how new products affect our companies, and watch a younger work force come up with new solutions to problems we have been facing for many years.

It might be difficult to move over and allow these things to happen because some feel threatened in their limited knowledge base and skill sets.

Many are comfortable in their positions and look to simply hang on until it becomes someone else’s responsibility.

Do not be alarmed if you feel this way.

It is a normal reaction to change.

Most people resist change.

Technology brings change.

Therefore, most people resist technology.

I know people who will not use a mobile phone.

I was at a retirement party where the honoree was proud of the fact that he never had to resort to using a computer.

It is usually the more seasoned veterans of the campaign who display that attitude because they realize they are on their way out.

This attitude is not acceptable to people who want to grow as individuals or manage teams of people to grow as a company.

According to Fast Company magazine, companies that embrace change are moving forward at a faster pace than companies resisting change.

They believe that companies on the cutting edge of technology have happier and more productive employees.

This changes how employees interact with customers.

Applying the latest technology changes the economics of the entire industry.

It is time for us to get past our investment in older technologies and embrace the wave of the future.

As an industry, we must look to our past to remember how different things were, but we must also look toward the future to see how different things might become.

Dane Gregory is the president and CEO of 3-D Corporation, which owns Dr. Clean Consultants, a company that provides technical and management training to companies worldwide. For more information, visit

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