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Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: How long do I have to wait before sealing a floor?

August 21, 2013
August 2013 Feature 4

Enhancing Sustainability In Hard Floor Care And Cleaning

New options reduce energy consumption and water usage and diminish the need for detergents.
August 15, 2013

Today, cleaning equipment suppliers offer different products and technologies that allow cleaning professionals to achieve these goals, ranging from reduced or chemical-free cleaning to cleaning path extension and multi-purpose cleaning machines.

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August 2013 Facility Focus

New OSHA Rules For Floor Safety

Updated guidelines say floors should be inspected by “qualified persons.”
August 14, 2013

In August 2013, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is scheduled to release new rules for Walking and Working Surfaces (29 CFR Part 1910), that raise the bar for floorcare, safety and inspection.

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Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: How can I find non-traditional wet floor signs?

June 19, 2013
Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: What is the best floor machine?

June 12, 2013
Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: What is the correct procedure when top scrubbing?

June 11, 2013
Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: Do I need to apply a restorer before burnishing?

June 6, 2013
Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: How can I repair damaged marble floors?

May 31, 2013

Click through to read the expert advice from this installment of ICAN/ATEX, which pertains to repairing damaged marble flooring.

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ICAN/ATEX: How do you maintain VHT tile?

May 20, 2013
May 2013 Feature 2

Smoothing The Way To Fine Commercial Floors

A breakdown of the benefits from following the concrete polishing process to achieve lustrous floors.
May 15, 2013

For facilities managers experiencing problems with aging and wearing floors — or for those with new floors who wish to minimize costs — an effective, economical solution is concrete polishing.

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