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CM e-News Daily

ISSA attendance, exhibitors and Tony Hsieh

ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2013 attendance and exhibitor participation was announced Wednesday morning.

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CM e-News Daily

And the ISSA Innovation Award winners are…

The full list of winners was announced on Wednesday afternoon.

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CM eNews Daily

Live from ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2013

The ISSA Innovation Award will be presented during the Show Floor Happy Hour this afternoon.

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November 2013 Cleanthoughts


This year, ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2013 is scheduled for the week before Thanksgiving in hustling and bustling Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Custodial/Janitorial Training


What is CMI? Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) is a professional society focused on education, training and career advancement for professionals within the commercial cleaning industry.

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Winning The Race Against Dirt To "Real Clean"

VersaClean ISSA/INTERCLEAN Exhibitor Profile

The VersaClean™ System delivers cost savings, efficiency and powerful cleaning!

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Water, Salt, Electricity And The Inevitable Future of the Cleaning Industry

Orbio® Technologies ISSA/INTERCLEAN Exhibitor Profile

In addition to the potential for lower chemical costs, OSG can reduce soft costs, such as training, ordering and managing of inventory.

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The Quest For Efficiency

ProTeam Inc. ISSA/INTERCLEAN Exhibitor Profile

At ISSA Las Vegas 2013, ProTeam will showcase a full range of efficiency solutions for cleaning operations of all types and sizes.

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Why Soap-Free, Detergent-Free Cleaning?

Plus Manufacturing Inc. ISSA/INTERCLEAN Exhibitor Profile

With "soap-free cleaning," carpets stay cleaner longer, feel softer and dry more quickly, because it eliminates sticky, moisture-holding residue that takes forever to dry.

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The ISSA Clean Standard Is Here! Are You Ready?

Kaivac ISSA/INTERCLEAN Exhibitor Profile

Believe it or not, October 2013 could go down as perhaps the most significant month in the history of the cleaning industry.
No, it's probably not what you're thinking.

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