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Kaivac Partners With WMC Associates

Kaivac, Inc. has added WMC Associates as a manufacturer representative firm.

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The need for a restroom cleaning checklist

A restroom cleaning checklist helps ensure that all areas of a restroom, especially fixtures, key surfaces, and high touch areas, are cleaned each time and every time.

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Cleaner And Safer Kitchen Floors

Hard Floor Care Case Study April 2014

Anyone who has ever worked in a commercial kitchen knows the landscape is primed for injury.

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Beware of germs on the menu

Restaurant menus may harbor more germs and bacteria than any other surface in foodservice locations.

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Best Buys For 2014 Product Showcase

Really Clean, Really Fast

Kaivac Cleaning Systems

Kaivac delivers science-based cleaning systems that produce healthy results while raising the value of cleaning operations and the professionalism of the worker.

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The ISSA Clean Standard Is Here! Are You Ready?

Kaivac ISSA/INTERCLEAN Exhibitor Profile

Believe it or not, October 2013 could go down as perhaps the most significant month in the history of the cleaning industry.
No, it's probably not what you're thinking.

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March 2013 Product Showcase

Restroom Care Product Showcase

February 2013 Infection Control Case Studies

2013 Infection Control Case Study

CM/Spotlight: Infection Control

Success stories from Advanced Vapor Technologies LLC, Kaivac Inc. and WillSpeed Technology LLC surrounding sanitization, disinfection and other measures to remove unwanted matter.

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November 2012 Restroom Care Case Study

The Restroom Cleaning Speed Machine

Kaivac Inc.

With the OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning system from Kaivac Inc., you can clean restrooms and other hard surfaces quickly, effectively and for less money than you ever imagined possible.

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