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CMM Online Exclusive

Communicating With The Consortium

A personal note from Rex Morrison, founder of PC4HS.

Because of the program’s adaptability, we always find a way to train trainers and leave schools much cleaner and healthier than they were before we came.

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Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: How many hours will a typical job take?

Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: How would you advise a newbie bidder?

Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: How should I bid a dance studio?

January 2013 Cover Story

A True Gauge Of Efficacious Cleaning

Soil removal over time is a cleaning performance indicator that examines actual soil removal in a given period to realistically define productivity.

Since labor is the number one investment we make in cleaning, we ought to know what we are accomplishing during that time. After all, time is money, and labor is the real currency of cleaning.

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October 2012 Contractor Success

The Three Ss: Safety, Security And Satisfaction

Mobile time and attendance solutions can help you achieve the three Ss of the contract cleaning industry.
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