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CM e-News Daily

WFBSC's Keynote Addresses focus on technology, economics

April 7, 2014

Building service contractors and prominent cleaning professionals from over 20 countries are attending this year's event.

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Press Release

Develop an effective business accounting system

April 3, 2014

Having a good, solid accounting and filing system at tax time and year-round is a cornerstone of a successful small business.

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Mitie appoints business development manager

March 28, 2014

Mitie is delighted to announce the appointment of Nicola Sakpoba as business development manager for its client services business, as it expands its sales team on the back of recent success.

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March 2014 Contractor Success

Tailoring Liability Insurance To Your Business

Due diligence is important when shopping for janitorial service business insurance.
March 7, 2014

There are many exposures cleaning operations face that can be hazardous to a business owner's livelihood.

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Press Release

Kimberly-Clark announces executive changes

March 5, 2014

Kimberly-Clark Corporation has announced executive changes that further enhance its focus on executing its global business plan and driving global expansion.

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February 2014 Cleanthoughts

Leveraging expertise to maximize communal awareness of your services

Cleaners can benefit while also helping the community.
February 2, 2014

Cleaners can benefit while also helping the community.

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Online Exclusive

Software Systems And Cleaning Operations

Expanding offerings and organizing scheduling using technological tools.
December 6, 2013
November 2013 Raising Standards

Want To Win A Pricing War?

Then stay out of it.
November 11, 2013

While most firms in our industry have always faced competitive markets, the downward pressure on prices seems to be accelerating and, for many, is becoming a way of life.

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October 2013 Contractor Success

Determining Fair Market Value

Periodic valuations can reveal the health of a business at a specific point in time.
October 8, 2013

Periodic valuations allow the seller to see how healthy the business is at a specific point in time.

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September 2013 A Clean Sweep

Converting For The Future

Conversion makes sense for the business-savvy owner looking to stay one step ahead of the curve.
September 9, 2013

There are numerous ways that this dream or ideal can be accomplished, and it’s very likely that no two people will agree on exactly what the American dream is. That is part of its appeal; the dream is different to everyone.

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