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Cleaning is a dangerous profession

The JanSan industry needs to emphasize cleaning safety and minimize other risk factors.

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January 2014 Feature 1

Taking The Risk Out Of Cleaning

For approximately 2.5 million workers in the U.S., cleaning is a dangerous profession.

Although the industry is deeply involved at the moment in discussions about “cleaning for health,” these conversations tend to address the needs of everyone except the cleaning workers actually performing these tasks.

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December 2013 Feature 4

Avoiding Repetitive Motion Injuries

Choosing the right mop size is as important as selecting the right type of mop for the job.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, RMIs lead to an average of 18 lost work days per injury.

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Tips For Effectively Fighting Restroom Odors

Modern tools and processes are helping to minimize cross contamination and malodor.

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Clearing The Air On Urine Odors

Even though the fixtures sparkle, the mirrors are spotless and every surface gleams, foul odors still make an impression.
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