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CM e-News Daily

Infection possibly spread through water

July 15, 2014

Federal health officials are focusing on water as the possible source of the bacteria that infected 15 patients at Greenville Memorial Hospital.

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CM e-News Daily

Robots enlisted in fight against infections

July 14, 2014

After beds are stripped and Milford Regional Medical Center employees have wiped down and disinfected all the surfaces they can reach, they turn the job over to Rosie and WALL-E.

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July 2014 Facility Focus

IAQ Concerns: Clearing The Air

Controlling common contaminants and the potential of purifying technology.
July 6, 2014

Indoor air quality is an important, and often overlooked, area of building improvement.

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July 2014 Feature 2

Design Choices To Enhance Aesthetics And Hygiene

New materials and considerations for upscale, commercial restrooms.
July 2, 2014

In venues that are aiming for upscale audiences and luxurious looks, restrooms are also part of the equation.

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CM e-News Daily

From the issue: Point/Counterpoint: Carpet And Indoor Air Quality

June 18, 2014

There has long been a debate over whether or not carpet is good or bad for indoor air quality and those who spend their days (and nights) breathing in that air.

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Online Exclusive

Restroom Deep Cleaning And Repairs

Steps operations can follow during summer restroom projects.
June 6, 2014

Efficient completion of project cleaning is more important than ever before for cleaning professionals.

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June 2014 Tackling Trouble Areas

Defeating The Dirty 10

Common cleaning mistakes that no worker should make.
June 6, 2014

Conduct a quick audit of your operations to make sure none of your employees are committing the 10 most common cleaning mistakes.

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May 2014 Feature 5

Minimizing Risk For Your Facility

Addressing issues that can increase occupant illness and reduce productivity.
May 3, 2014

A risk management plan can be established by identifying and assessing risks and then developing strategies to manage them.

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Online Exclusive

Instituting An Infection Control Program

Management suggestions and steps to help make a facility safer.
April 3, 2014

An infection control plan becomes a guide to answer the basic questions of who, what, when, where, how and why.

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Press Release

Beware of germs on the menu

March 28, 2014

Restaurant menus may harbor more germs and bacteria than any other surface in foodservice locations.

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