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July 2014 Tackling Trouble Areas

Maintaining A Low Slip And Fall Factor

When accidents happen, who will ultimately be found responsible?
July 4, 2014

When a maintenance contractor signs with a company, the contract typically includes language naming the contractor as the party responsible for maintaining safe, hazard-free premises.

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CM e-News Daily

ISSA to host OSHA HazCom compliance webinars

July 2, 2014

Beginning July 30, ISSA will host a two-part webinar series on the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) revisions to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom 2012).

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Online Exclusive

Floor Mats As A Prevention Strategy

A white paper explores multiple aspects of a floor mat program.
June 18, 2014

A white paper includes a number of hard floor care and matting use and upkeep tips.

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June 2014 Raising Standards

Three Requirements For A Safe Workplace

Management commitment, employee involvement and planning.
June 6, 2014

If you are an employer or a manager, it is your responsibility to provide a safe work environment not only for your cleaning staff, but for all your employees.

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CM e-News Daily

Union files safety complaint in custodian’s death

May 12, 2014

Union leaders have filed a complaint with the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health regarding the April death of a custodian at the University of California at Berkeley.

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Press Release

The role of floor mats in preventing slips and falls

May 12, 2014

New white paper from Cintas reveals how updated regulations will impact your floor maintenance program.

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May 2014 Maintenance Matters

Give Maintenance Tasks A Lift

How low-level scissor lifts assist workers by boosting productivity and safety.
May 7, 2014

There’s nothing magical about the number 19, yet there’s a misconception that general maintenance projects like painting and cleaning and repairing HVAC, electrical systems or drywall require a 19-foot scissor lift.

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May 2014 Feature 3

New Technology In Facility Security

Updated options to create a safe environment for building occupants.
May 4, 2014

New equipment combines video surveillance from cameras with other data that is already being collected to provide insight into an operation.

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Press Release

OSHA implements whistleblower protection rule

April 7, 2014