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NYC School Custodians Agree to New Contract

More than 5,000 cleaning workers to receive raises under new nine-year deal.

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Press Release

PC4HS adds to field advisory board

CM e-News Daily

Custodians save jobs, lose pay

The cost Vicksburg Community Schools custodians must pay for avoiding the district privatizing their jobs is a steep one.

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March 2013 Let's Talk Shop

Knowledge Is Power

Without knowledge, we place control in others' hands and lose our power to influence situational outcomes.

There is a shift taking place in the industry; increasingly, building operators see clean facilities as an investment that both attracts and protects occupants and customers.

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CMM Online Exclusive

Communicating With The Consortium

A personal note from Rex Morrison, founder of PC4HS.

Because of the program’s adaptability, we always find a way to train trainers and leave schools much cleaner and healthier than they were before we came.

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