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September 2013 Feature 5

A Plan For Removing Tear Gas Residue

The complexities of tear gas remediation make it one of the most daunting cleaning challenges.

Structural maintenance nightmares include a long list of unusual challenges, however, removing tear gas residue tops this list.

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August 2013 Feature 4

Enhancing Sustainability In Hard Floor Care And Cleaning

New options reduce energy consumption and water usage and diminish the need for detergents.

Today, cleaning equipment suppliers offer different products and technologies that allow cleaning professionals to achieve these goals, ranging from reduced or chemical-free cleaning to cleaning path extension and multi-purpose cleaning machines.

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January 2013 Feature 5

The Hidden Hazards Of Cleaning Residues

Whether seen or unseen, residues left behind by many of today's cleaning chemicals actually pose health and safety risks to building occupants.

When was the last time you thought about the residue from cleaning chemicals and the possible effect it may have on you, your facility and its occupants?

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