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Registration Open for First CITS A.C.T. Workshop of 2015

Registration is now open for the CITS A.C.T. taking place January 27 at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio in San Antonio, TX.

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Betco Products Achieve UL Environment Certification

Eight Betco Corp. products are scheduled to receive UL Environment’s ECOLOGO certification.

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Executive Management Services Recertifies to CIMS-GB With Honors

First renewal of the certifications since the company initially was certified in 2011.

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August 2014 Feature 2

End The 'Going Green' Guessing Game

The FTC's Green Guides aim to bring some certainty to sustainability.

For custodial professionals and building service contractors, it is one thing to “go green” and quite another to know that you have actually done so.

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Press Release

City of Toronto to Require CIMS/CIMS-GB Certification

Press Release

When NOT to use a green cleaning product

While Green cleaning chemicals are now available for most all cleaning tasks, manufacturers are still making conventional cleaning chemicals. And, there is a reason for this.

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November 2013 Feature 4

The Advantages Of Offering Green Cleaning

Adding sustainability to a portfolio can improve service and set an operation apart from competitors.

Any change to your brand or your service has to either save you time and money or differentiate your business enough to make the effort worthwhile. A certified green cleaning service can be one of those differentiators.

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September 2013 Training Tips

The True Value Of Training And Development

The measurable benefits of training result from many factors including relevancy, timeliness and tracking.

A comprehensive custodial training program brings measurable benefits to both your organization and its cleaning staff.

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August 2013 Feature 7

Separating ‘Green’ Fact From Fiction

Though the JanSan industry has adopted more sustainable cleaning methods, many managers still have unanswered questions.

Because green cleaning has had such a major impact on the professional cleaning industry as well as the building and management industries, it might serve us well to clear up confusion about certain cleaning myths.

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August 2013 Feature 3

A Guide To Navigating Green Certifications

Finding the most reputable and respected sustainable products can benefit both cleaners and clients.

It’s important to stay afloat on all of today’s green certifications, and identify products that best meet a facility’s sustainability goals.

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