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ProTeam Cleaning for Health® Tip of the Month

September 28, 2009
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By Jacalyn High

Twenty-two years ago, ProTeam took the Jan/San industry by storm with the invention of the lightweight backpack vacuum—forever revolutionizing commercial cleaning and maintenance. With the backpack vacuum came better ergonomics and maneuverability, more powerful suction and filtration, less impact on the user''s body, longer machine and motor life, improved efficiency of use, and increased productivity and cost savings. The backpack vacuum simply made it easier to clean, with better results.

Fast-forward to today, and ProTeam manufacturers a full line of backpack vacuums—in addition to dual-motor uprights and speed canisters—to meet every commercial cleaner''s needs. Numerous studies tout the advantages of using backpacks over uprights and canister vacuums—including increased productivity and cost savings from ease-of-use, efficiency and durability.

ProTeam is about to take the industry by storm again. In early 2010, ProTeam will release the first of the next generation of vacuums, called the Super HalfVac HEPA. This ultra-compact hip-style vacuum is the first of its kind, and is about to change the face of commercial cleaning in performace and filtration.

Using the next level of design and technology in motors, filtration systems and ergonomics, the Super HalfVac HEPA vacuum is in its own class. A revolutionary, first-of-its-kind Five Level Filtration system allows the Super HalfVac HEPA to take dust capture and retention of microscopic particulates to the next level. With Five Level Filtration, a unique HEPA filter system sits behind the motor, essentially filtering air that has been cleaned by the first levels of filtration in front of the motor. This proprietary HEPA filter system captures carbon dust from the motor, giving a final cleaning to the filtered air that has already run through an intercept micro filter, a micro cloth filter and a dome filter.

No hip-style vacuum on the market comes close to cleaning air the way the Super HalfVac HEPA does. And the benefits don''t stop there. The lightweight, compact design of the Super HalfVac HEPA comes with an ergonomic waist belt and lumbar support that distribute weight evenly for comfort and ease-of-operation. The unit''s balanced placement on the user''s back and its ability to be worn without shoulder straps ensures maximum ergonomic benefits—honoring the user''s alignment, and allowing a natural flow of movement that eliminates strain and stress.

The side-to-side motion of cleaning enabled by the Super HalfVac HEPA—as with all ProTeam backpacks—is proven to eliminate stress and body fatigue by utilizing larger muscle groups. Detail work is a snap with a wand that easily extends for hard-to-reach areas. Though the Super HalfVac HEPA is small, it is still as mighty as ProTeam''s larger backpacks, providing superior power and performance for all your cleaning needs.

With the Super HalfVac HEPA, you also get the increased productivity and cost-savings associated with all quality backpacks. Studies show that using a backpack over a single-motor upright reduces the time it takes to clean a 10,000 square foot facility by 2.5 hours and can save up to $5,280 a year in associated costs. Times that by ten for a 100,000 square foot facility and you''ve just saved up to $52,800 in a single year.

As with all ProTeam vacuums, the Super HalfVac HEPA is built to last, and they do—for years. The durability of ProTeam vacuums make a measurable difference on the environment and your pocketbook: with less moving parts to replace and a longer machine life, less waste goes into our growing landfills and more money stays in your wallet. Add the cost savings you get from a machine and parts you don''t have to replace for years to the increased productivity you get from the Super HalfVac HEPA, and you''ve just made one very smart investment.

The Super HalfVac HEPA is the perfect hip-style vacuum for those who want performance, filtration and an ergonomic lumbar support in a compact vacuum. It''s an ideal model for the smaller cleaning worker—but fits all body types—and is an excellent entry point into wearing backpacks. Ideal for commercial offices, education facilities, healthcare centers, retail spaces and contract cleaning, the Super HalfVac HEPA promises to take the efficiency and productivity of your cleaning to the next level.

ProTeam will introduce the Super HalfVac HEPA at the ISSA show, booth #3116, on October 6, 2009. Come by for a sneak peak, or visit for more information. The Super HalfVac HEPA will be available to order in early 2010.

Jacalyn High is the marketing manager for ProTeam, the leading manufacturer of backpack vacuums.

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