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From mops to robots

September 19, 2010
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When it comes to options for maintaining hard floors, products are bountiful.

From chemicals to equipment — and even the traditional tools, such as mops, buckets and vacuums — manufacturers have targeted floor care in recent decades and the solutions on the market today match the needs of every facility and user.

Equipment and chemicals that are currently being offered enhance productivity, strengthen bottom lines and are easier to use than ever before.

The following products found in this section — from mops to robots — showcase innovation and advances in floor care.

Studies show that traditional ways to maintain floors defeat the purpose of cleaning.

Not only are end users cleaning floors more effectively, cleaning staffs are also benefiting from reduced drying times, increased productivity, decreased worker injury/sick days, higher employee morale, less training needs and safer floors.

Indeed, in terms of worker safety, much has been done to improve hard floor equipment so that hazards to workers are decreased.

For example, more and more machines are being built with lighter-weight materials, to ease strain on workers’ bodies as they perform their jobs.

Also, machines are now much quieter than they used to be, which helps workers keep aware of what’s going on around them while they’re busy with their tasks.

Even automatic height adjustment features have been implemented on various machines to better fit workers — this improves both ease-of-use and productivity.

Chemicals used for hard floor care have also undergone significant improvements.

Older hard floor care chemicals were considered among the most harmful to the user and building occupants compared to most JanSan product categories.

Today, however, manufacturers have removed or replaced some traditional ingredients, which have been proven to be harmful to the user, the environment and building occupants.

Although today’s floor care products do not require as much training and effort to successfully execute, training employees is still a vital component to the overall success of your floor care program.

Match these floor care products with knowledgeable employees and enjoy all the benefits that today’s offerings yield.

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