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Restroom Care

Efficient Processes Help Make The Most Of Limited Resources

September 19, 2010
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Countless opinion polls over the past several years have confirmed that the opinions one has of a facility''s restrooms reflect his or her thoughts about the overall cleanliness of a building.

Many in-house custodial professionals and building service contractors (BSCs) are cognizant of the results of these questionnaires and, because they understand the importance of a hygienically clean restroom, put forth the extra effort to ensure that the restrooms they are responsible for cleaning positively reflect the level of cleanliness of the entire facility.

According to a recent industry survey from Procter & Gamble Professional titled, "Cleaning in a Down Economy," 85 percent of the facility decision-makers surveyed noted adopting a "doing more with less" approach in response to the down economy.

Because 9 out of 10 survey respondents admitted making cutbacks that include staff reductions, the employment void has to be filled with something.

How are cleaning and maintenance professionals making sure the restrooms in the facilities they clean remain not only aesthetically spotless, but also sanitary and hygienically free of potentially harmful germs and bacteria?

The answer: Adopting efficient processes to maximize limited time, personnel and monetary resources.

Multitasking With Multipurpose Products

There is a logical reason why manufacturers produce and sell products that perform multiple functions: Convenience.

For example, instead of having to spray down a surface with chemical, wipe it clean, spray on a disinfectant, allow sufficient dwell time and then wipe it dry, multipurpose cleaners allow cleaning and disinfection in one easy step.

By eliminating superfluous steps, multipurpose products like cleaners with disinfectants built into the chemical formulations help increase worker productivity while reducing costs associated with labor and supplies.

While honest and measurable results are always desired with cleaning — especially in germ-haven areas like restrooms — getting the job done quickly with the fewest amount of resources reigns supreme.

Especially today, with the economic uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring, meeting the demands for efficient processes with tools and equipment designed to maximize resources is of the utmost importance.

Moreover, getting the job done right the first time so extra supplies and man-hours are not wasted correcting avoidable mistakes is crucial.

Cleaning For Health

As noted in the results of the "Cleaning in a Down Economy" survey, 65 percent of respondents claim the restroom to be the most important room to clean.

In addition, more than one-third of those who participated in the survey think the restroom is the most difficult room to clean.

Because of this, effective chemicals, tools and equipment that take the guesswork out of product use and application greatly help end-users rid restrooms of unwanted matter.

With nearly three-quarters of facility service providers feeling pressure to cut costs, extra precautions need to be taken to ensure restroom surfaces are hygienically clean and do not simply appear to be clean.

End-users should have confidence in the products offered by companies with known and trusted brand names whose formulations and processes have evolved over the years to become less toxic and more effective.

As more scientific principles are applied to the cleaning industry and measurement to prove hygienic cleanliness becomes commonplace, the notion of cleaning for health rather than appearance will become the norm — just as green and sustainable have set up shop at the top of the industry conscience.

After all, a surface that is hygienically clean and free of unwanted matter — including germs and bacteria on the microscopic level — will be as clean as it looks.

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