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Activeion release

April 20, 2009
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ROGERS, MN ActiveionTM Cleaning Solutions, LLC today announces that, when compared to cleaning with traditional chemical detergents, the Activeion Pro delivers a greater than 97 percent benefit across seven key indicators tied to environmental sustainability. The study, coauthored by the University of Tennessee and EcoForm, concluded that converting to just one Activeion Pro for general-purpose cleaning in commercial applications is equivalent to saving 93 gallons of gasoline and two barrels of oil; as well, it found that for every two units deployed for cleaning, one metric ton of coal is offset.
“We’ve long known the Activeion Pro frees our environment from the harmful impact of chemicals. We now have the data that gives meaning to that statement,” says Todd Schaeffer, vice president and general manager of Activieon Cleaning Solutions. “For those who want to make a tangible difference in their approach to environmental stewardship, we offer a solution.” By transforming tap water into a powerful cleaner and sanitizer, the Activeion Pro enables this environmental stewardship by eliminating the need for general purpose cleaning chemicals and the associated production, transportation, management and disposal costs.
Conducted by Jack Geibig, Director of the Center for Clean Products at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, the study compared and contrasted the Activeion Pro with traditional cleaning detergents across seven key environmental and health categories, including energy consumption, ozone production, smog, acids, eutros, particulates and GWGs. In every category, the benefit of switching to Activeion was greater than 97 percent. In addition to gasoline, oil and coal, other equivalencies include:
- Every Activeion Pro used for cleaning is equivalent to taking one home off the energy grid for four months;
- Every Activeion Pro used for cleaning is equivalent to removing one automobile from the highways for two months;
- If just 25 percent of all schools K-12 in the United States adopted the Activeion Pro for targeted cleaning, collectively they would save enough energy annually to power 4,600 homes and offset the global warming emissions of 2,180 cars.
The analysis included a screening-level, life cycle evaluation of the products and their packaging, supplemented by a hazard assessment of the chemicals used over the Activeion Pro product life cycle. The material content of the products themselves, materials used, the processes employed during the manufacturing and assembly of the products, natural resources consumed during their use, as well as the content of all the product packaging for both alternatives were analyzed over the five-year expected life span of the Activeion Pro. “The results are conclusive,” comments Geibig. “The Activeion Pro is clearly superior in every environmental and human health measure when compared to traditional cleaning processes using chemical-based cleaning products.”
A genuine breakthrough, the Activeion Pro transforms tap water into a powerful, general-purpose cleaner that is ideal for use on glass, stainless steel, carpet and natural stone (marble, granite, etc.). The Activeion Pro is helping cleaning professionals deliver a safer, greener, more profitable solution for their customers.

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