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ICAN/ATEX: How should I approach a government bid?

June 25, 2014
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Many cleaning professionals visit the International Custodial Advisers Network (ICAN) Ask the Experts page for insight and, every business day, we deliver advice to better help you perform your job.

Wednesday’s Question:ICANATEX Logo

I have recently lost my job and figured the only way to make some cash would be to work for myself. I noticed while looking for work, that my county government bids out the cleaning of certain facilities.

I want to bid on a proposal that includes 70 county-run facilities; however, I only want to clean the 6 public libraries listed. How should I go about writing up my bid & proposal so it is clear & concise that I am a single individual doing all the work after hours when the library closes (as late as 9 pm during the week in some cases) so I have enough time to cover all 6 sites nightly?

I only want to be considered for the libraries, so how should I convey that message? According to the instructions, the unit of price shall be per square foot.

How should I price out the buildings that range from as small as 6600 total square foot (336 sq. ft. for rest rooms and 6264 sq. ft. for common areas) as high as 14,650 total square foot (380 sq. ft. for rest rooms bathrooms and 14,270 sq. ft. for common areas)?

Wednesday’s Answer:

The cost math is rather simple. You use your total invoice cost for the building and divide it by the area of the facility. So for the 6600 sq. ft. structure, the math would be as follows.

If you were charging $594 per month, dividing that by 6600 sq. ft. would give you a monthly cost of $.09. The annual rate would be $1.08 per sq. ft. ($.09 x 12 months).

Your actual pricing (the above is only for an example) will be determined by the time you need to do the work, which in turn depends on what that work entails and the equipment and skills you have to do it. What is involved? Dusting of shelves? Vacuuming? Rest room service?

This part you will have to work out on your own.

I have another concern that you may wish to address before spending time on putting together proposals.

Generally, bids of this nature are let to someone having the experience and capability to take the whole package rather than just the libraries as you intend.

Before going any further, contact someone  ... Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX editor

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