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July 2014 Feature 4

Dump The Clipboard — Grab A Smartphone

Eliminate paperwork problems by fully embracing today's technology.

July 04, 2014
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There are thousands of cleaning workers out there with clipboards, filling in forms that don’t get back to the office until the end of the day.

At best these forms are retyped so they can be read easily and then filed by client or job.

At worst they are stacked in a box to be ignored until someone urgently needs a copy.

Imagine this scenario: You are the manager of a service company, and your biggest client has just called you to ask for a copy of the last service report at one of his or her buildings.

The service tech always completes a paper report and drops it at the front desk of your office to be filed, so you go to get it.

After searching through the file cabinet and having no success, you finally locate it in the filing tray at the reception desk.

Just to be sure, you check the date box at the top of the page and you find it isn’t filled in.

Also, the sheet is stained and crumpled, and worse yet, unsigned.

Do you really want to show this to your biggest client?

Is it really the most recent report?

Another Option

You can eliminate this kind of problem by replacing the clipboard report process with a copy of the service report on a smartphone or tablet.

Don’t be fooled into believing this option is only for big organizations with IT departments.

The technology and software to do this are now available everywhere with solutions for all kinds of organizations.

You can have forms for your technicians that allow them to fill in dates, addresses, client names and locations at the tap of a finger from preset pick lists.

You can also have forms that won’t close unless the date and signature has been added.

Better still, copies of all the completed forms are stored on your office computer or a remote server.

They are easy to reprint, and you could even email a copy to the client within minutes of him or her requesting it.

But, is it really easy to do?

Ease Of Use And Affordability

Today, forms can be created with a modestly-priced software package that makes creating even complicated forms possible for cleaning operations.

No programming is involved, and forms are easily uploaded to phones and tablets.

Some forms don’t even require that you are connected to the Internet when you are using them.

You can fill the forms in anywhere and then send them to the server or your computer as soon as you reach a signal or Wi-Fi area.

Here’s a screen shot of a form created in less than ten minutes.

Apart from the signature and the room number, all the data entry involves choosing a preset name or sentence.

If the choices are not enough, the user can enter another choice or reason, and that reason will be saved so that it is available for a tap entry the next time.

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