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VersaClean™ Low-Moisture System

VersaClean™ Low-Moisture System

May 27, 2014
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Versaclean Tip of the Month
VersaClean™ Low-Moisture System

Get Real Clean the fast and easy way
Want your carpets to look consistently brighter and cleaner, but can't afford the labor and downtime for frequent deep cleaning? The VersaClean™ Low-Moisture Cleaning system produces superior cleaning with significant savings in labor, and your carpets are brighter and fresher with no resoiling from cleaning residues.

VersaClean Power Encap Plus
The secret of the system is in the chemistry. Power Encap Plus uses a mild acid pH encapsulating cleaner fortified with hydrogen peroxide to remove the spots, spills and stains typically found in commercial cleaning. Power Encap Plus clings to soils, capturing and encapsulating soils through electrostatic attraction. The encapsulant then dries into easy-to-vacuum crystaline powder. Your carpets get truly cleaner with every vacuuming!

Versaclean Benefits
• Removes damaging soils that vacuuming can't – refreshes and extends carpet life.
• Removes most spots, including beverage stains such as coffee, tea and soda and breaks the bonds of greasy oily soils.
• High production – can clean up to 5000 square feet per hour – yet leaves carpets so much cleaner than vacuuming alone.

Simple Steps to a Versaclean Clean
1. Vacuum with VersaClean Backpack HEPA Vacuum
2. Prespray Power Encap Plus using VersaClean Portable Sprayer – allow 15 min. dwell time.
3. Agitate with VersaClean CRB2380 or CRB1580 counter-rotating brush machines to capture excess soils
4. Clean carpeted stairs and treat spots easily with the CRC400 Multi-use Tool
5. When fully dry, do follow-up vacuuming with VersaClean HEPA Backpack Vacuum. Maintain with frequent HEPA vacuuming.
TIP: Interim cleaning can be fully integrated into your routine vacuuming schedule, or use it whenever carpets need freshening and brightening. For best results, we recommend you complete a VersaClean deep restorative cleaning procedure after every three or four interim low-moisture cleanings.


CRB2380 OR CRB1580 Low-Moisture Cleaning Machine
  • As easy to use as a vacuum cleaner – yet removes soils even the highest powered vacuums cannot.
  • At 380 RPM, brushes dislodge embedded soils but don't damage carpet.
  • Choose 15" or 20" cleaning path
VersaClean Backpack HEPA Vacuum
  • High volume – double the production of a typical upright.
  • HEPA-grade filtration protects indoor air quality.
VersaClean Carpet Spotter
  • Ideal for touch-up cleaning and spot removal.
  • Cleans spots before they become stains.
CRC400 Multi-Use Tool
  • Perfect for stairs, tight corners and hard-to-reach areas,
  • Ideal for touch-up cleaning and spot removal.

The VersaClean Low Moisture Cleaning System gives you Real Clean results in the same time as routine vacuuming!


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