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Ask The Experts

ICAN/ATEX: How should I price a job with extreme mold involved?

April 24, 2014
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Thursday’s Question:ICANATEX Logo

I own a cleaning business in central Florida and recently landed a junk removal job in a foreclosed home with mold.

The house is about 1700 sq ft. and has a LOT of physical trash inside. Sofa, TVs, mattresses, cabinets, furniture, etc. all of which needs to be thrown out. My question is how should I price this job.

The dumpster will cost me about $500 for one dumpster dropped off and then hauled off. My problem is pricing my labor. The job will be done by myself and one other person.

I am estimating the clean up will take 6-10 hours. We will be wearing filtered masks, gloves, goggles, and protective suit due to extreme mold. How should I price this job?

Thursday’s Answer:

If your total labor is 10 hours (20 man-hours is there are two of you), charge what you need to cover all of your costs and make a decent hourly wage for this type of difficult work.

First off, make certain the dumpster will hold all of what is in there.

If you need two of them, you will be $500 short if the estimate is incorrect.
Second, price out the cost of the protective gear.

Since you are not doing mold remediation, just trash removal, you likely do not need any sort of permit, but check this out  ... Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX editor

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