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Easy, Deep Cleaning Of Secure Areas

Hard Floor Care Case Study April 2014

April 01, 2014
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5104303-image.jpgVersaClean™ systems overcome the challenges of secure sites.
In many facilities, such as banks, security is a top priority.
Cleaning must be done after hours, and doors and windows cannot be propped open for any reason.
One national bank chain has found a way to achieve deep cleaning of lobby and office spaces yet maintain tight security by using the VersaClean™ System with the VersaPort™ power and water supply.
This setup is completely self-contained and does not require any water, vacuum or power from outside the building.

Cleaning Grout To "Like New" Condition
The bank's grout is a light cream color which soils rapidly, so being able to clean that effectively has been huge for them.
The VersaTile VT1200 machine makes deep cleaning tile and grout a simple process.
Best of all, bank staff report that the VersaTile system restores floors better than any other system they've tried.
The soil residue on the tile surface and in the grout can be quite visible, and it builds up quickly, especially in high traffic areas.
Grout is always more difficult to clean, as it absorbs soils which get embedded into the grout. This requires greater physical force to remove.
The VersaTile machine's adjustable 1,000 PSI high pressure pump creates tremendous physical agitation, and its rotary spray cleans deeper than the single jet extraction wand typically used in most "caddy style" restroom cleaning systems.
While cleaning, it continuously extracts water to the VersaPort, leaving floors clean and virtually dry in a single pass.

Deep Cleaning Hard-to-reach Areas
VersaTile also makes cleaning under sinks and other hard-to-reach areas easy.
Typical restroom "caddy" cleaning systems feature separate cleaning and extraction wands and require multiple steps.
The standard single-jet cleaning wand only delivers 500 PSI at best, and does not agitate the floor sufficiently to remove the embedded soil from grout lines.
Also, caddy cleaners are too tall to fit under sinks!
The VersaTile machine outperforms standard portable extractors and caddy restroom cleaners, plus its self-contained design eliminates the use of external vacuum and pressure lines.
This gives the VersaTile machine more powerful extraction as it only has to lift the water 6 inches to reach the VersaTile waste tank — not through 20 feet or more of vacuum hose typically used with a portable extractor.

Eliminating Trip Hazards
Using the VersaTile also eliminates long runs of hoses and cords that can create trip hazards.
Staff in 24/7 high-traffic environments such as airports, hotels and hospitals must always be concerned about trip-and-fall risks, a genuine concern whenever long hose runs are involved.
The VersaTile System's self-contained/site-specific cleaning eliminates this scenario, delivering not only "clean as new" hard surface floors but also peace of mind.



This information was provided by VersaClean as part of a paid advertisement.
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