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May 2014 Feature 3

New Technology In Facility Security

Updated options to create a safe environment for building occupants.

May 04, 2014
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Building security and safety continues to be a concern for owners, managers and occupants — employees, students and patrons — alike.

With improvements in technology, protecting them has never been easier.

In this article, we’ll look at how the implementation of a video business intelligence (VBI) solution for your operation can assist you in not only safeguarding people in your facilities, but also serve as a loss prevention and safety asset to help optimize your business processes and improve business efficiencies.

If you’re not familiar with VBI, it can be defined as a way to capture and then easily find the data that can help you make decisions on how to better manage your safety and security concerns.

It combines video surveillance from cameras and alarms and incorporates that information with other data that is already being collected in your business to give you visual insight into your operation.

This helps you determine where your security and safety programs are working, and what needs be improved.

With this intelligence, followed up with the ability to react quickly to changing conditions, you can make the decisions that will help you provide a more secure environment to ensure occupant safety.

People — Your Most Valuable Asset

Ensuring the safety of your employees, staff or students has to be your top concern.

And for years, video surveillance has been used as an essential component to any effective security effort.

Now you can benefit from enabling functions to include:

  • Receiving alerts on loitering activities taking place either inside or outside of the premises to ensure quick response. This may assist in eliminating possible theft or damage to your property.
  • Bringing visual verification into the equation when conducting an audit to see firsthand what actually transpired when investigating an incident or accident.
  • Capturing data that identifies behaviors or patterns of risk for your organization, or your buildings occupants, such as blocked exit areas enabling staff to quickly respond to conditions requiring attention.

Intrusion detection is no doubt a concern in your organization.

Using door and window contacts or motions sensors — in combination with audible alarm notification when unauthorized access is noted — can provide you with alerts when unauthorized access occurs.

This solution will detect and notify both your security team and local police and get appropriate personnel to the scene of the incident.

If, however, you combine this gathered information with video surveillance, identification of perpetrators takes place and reduces the likelihood that similar activities will occur again.

Providing a safe environment inside your building is also important element in protecting your staff and patrons.

To prevent accidents, businesses are finding that prevention is paramount to limit not only accidents and injuries, but also the cost associated with claims related to them.

You can create employee due diligence programs, outlining proper processes and procedures, but how do you verify that they are being followed?

By implementing a visual and electronic audit trail provided by visual video intelligence, you can easily gain the ability to view floor activity and act upon it if conformity is not taking place.

You will be able to easily determine whether aisles and bathrooms are clean, caution signs are up and employees are following recommended guidelines.

Reports will be delivered to you electronically eliminating the need to create and manage cumbersome and time-consuming paper-based systems and paper-based audit trails.

And, with the new advancements in technology, you’ll be able to access this information remotely.

Improved Video Surveillance

Older video systems needed banks of video tape for continuous recording and manual administration to swap tapes periodically throughout the day.

Record keeping was labor intensive which could lead to errors, and finding specific incidents in the case of security breaches or accidents was time-consuming.

With advanced technology, it’s now possible to manage video feeds from many cameras and provide access to security or building management personnel easily and without the need to review hours of footage to find the information needed.

For example, when integrated as part of a VBI solution, integrated access control and video verification can allow you to view a cardholder’s picture when an access card is presented to a reader at a secure or restricted location.

Staff can verify that the person presenting the badge is the actual cardholder, and if not, react quickly to guarantee that only authorized personnel are in the area.

Video verification can also be used in the case of tailgating — when one person uses their badge to gain access and another person follows them in without presenting their badge.

The integrated system now allows staff to visually identify, verify and capture security breaches at access points.

You’ll gain more than increased security of your occupants when you receive notification of breaches of secure zones.

You also now have the ability to detect loitering, which could indicate suspicious behavior, usual activities such as perimeter intrusions, and movement in secure areas or suspicious items left unattended.

VBI will allow any number of these items to show up in reports as anomalies, which can then provide you with instant alerts allowing you to act quickly to events that you have predetermined need to be immediately addressed.

You can also gain access to information that can help uncover staff errors, training or skill deficiencies, as well as questionable or dishonest practices to assist you in running your operation even more effectively.

Enhancing Your Initiatives

By defining the rules, or exceptions you are interested in tracking, you drive the investigation into uncovering how these exceptions are impacting your operations.

Your system actively monitors your environment and identifies these activities — in real time — deemed to be suspicious.

Reports can be generated by a variety of parameters including point of sale, time, amounts or exception kind, and accessed from any computer connected to your network.

When coupled with relevant video clips, you have a true picture of what really transpired.

Now you can leverage technology and proactively drive any investigation that needs to occur, actively uncovering errors, inefficiencies, questionable or dishonest practices.

As a result, you detect sooner and respond quicker enabling a more timely resolution of issues encountered.

While it’s imperative to handle any security or safety concern as quickly as possible, further investigation into the matter is often required.

Video resolution is key to capturing the details critical to that investigation, and high-definition IP video can make all the difference.

You no longer have to rely on grainy, low-resolution analog images that often failed to provide conclusive evidence in security investigations.

Now you can identify exactly who or what is in your captured video to aid in the investigation.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

The new IP-based surveillance systems allow users to capture and distribute video, audio and transactional data over any kind of IP network.

With an internet connection, authorized users are able to monitor multiple locations from a single location.

By having your cameras connected to a network, you can achieve a higher level of surveillance with fewer cameras and less people — while identifying and addressing areas of safety or security concern in a more efficient and timely manner.

Now it’s easier than ever to safeguard the people in your facilities and gain the added benefit of improving your business efficiencies.

Using video surveillance already captured and incorporating it with other data in your business provides you with visual insight into areas of your operation to determine how your current programs are working — and where you might want to make some improvements.

And it can all be delivered automatically to you, wherever you are located, giving you instant access and the ability to react quickly to situations requiring your immediate attention.

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