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Infection Control
February 2014 Feature 2

A Better Way To Clean

How microfiber cleaning products help get the job done faster and safer.

February 02, 2014
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Leaders in the cleaning industry are continuously thinking of new ways to increase productivity while improving cleaning performance and keeping costs to a minimum.

Today, microfiber cleaning is an innovation gaining popularity across various businesses and facilities, where cleaner is not only better but also vitally important.

Microfiber cleaning systems first gained widespread acceptance within the healthcare industry because microfiber solutions can clean more effectively when combined with a proper cleaning process and training.

Because these benefits resonate in various markets, microfiber cleaning solutions are now being implemented in other industries as well. 

A Smart, Simplified System

Complete microfiber cleaning solutions that include high-performance dust and wet mop pads, surface cleaning tools, hardware and mopping systems clean more effectively and efficiently as compared to traditional cleaning products.

Many floor cleaners contain harsh chemicals which can be harmful to the environment and also result in damaged floors.

Microfiber solutions require less water and fewer chemicals to achieve cleaning results, reducing the environmental impact and helping maintain cleaner facilities.

Floor surfaces can also be refinished less frequently and remain better preserved, saving costs and labor.

The use of color-coded materials is also valuable to promote proper cleaning practices.

For example, color-coded microfiber cloths are available to ensure the appropriate cloth is used to clean specific areas:

  • Yellow for bathrooms
  • Green or red for general-purpose cleaning
  • Blue for glass and other reflective surfaces.

Microfiber hardware and chemical dispensing systems also contribute to increased cleaning efficiency and overall worker wellbeing.

Many cleaning professionals incorporate disposable microfiber cleaning cloths and mops pads into the cleaning process in instances when increased infection prevention is required or laundry facilities are unavailable.

Safety And Saving Costs

“Direct labor is responsible for more than 60 percent of the overall costs of contract cleaners, so products that increase worker productivity have a tremendous impact on the bottom line,” says Alison Kapp, marketing manager, hard surface commercial cleaning for Rubbermaid Commercial Products.

“A cleaning staff appreciates microfiber cleaning solutions because they are easier to use. Overall, the worker is lifting less and maneuvering lighter loads,” Kapp continues.

Microfiber mopping streamlines tasks and saves time, and staff is able to reduce the number of visits to the janitor’s closet to refill chemicals because microfiber mopping and surface cleaning tools promote productivity and require less water and fewer chemicals, according to Kapp.

In addition, the even liquid absorption and release of microfiber also allows for faster mopping, reduced drying times and less opportunity for a slip-and-fall hazard.

"Cost savings can be accomplished by ensuring the safety of cleaning professionals by using a solution that can be maneuvered easily," Kapp notes. "This is especially true in an industry where time is money, and back injuries are the number one reportable workplace incidents — averaging $24,000 per workers’ compensation claim."

Finally, ergonomically designed arched handles should be incorporated into a cleaning system to keep the user’s wrist and forearm bones aligned for optimum leverage and maneuverability, Kapp states.

This design contributes to safer operations with less risk of injury, again helping reduce workers’ compensation claims and lost time.

Support System

When choosing a microfiber cleaning method, it is important to evaluate the level of service and support that comes with the solution.

Examine the overall services and support program and find a product manufacturer that offers a site audit and training program.


Jenn Schneider is a writer and member of the hard surface commercial cleaning team for Rubbermaid Commercial Products. For more about RCP, visit

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