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Water, Salt, Electricity And The Inevitable Future of the Cleaning Industry

Orbio® Technologies ISSA/INTERCLEAN Exhibitor Profile

November 06, 2013
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Water, Salt, Electricity And The Inevitable Future of the Cleaning Industry

ISSAProfiles-OrbioImage.jpgUntil the 1950s, American households purchased ice to refrigerate food in their iceboxes.
Consumers paid suppliers to make, transport and deliver frozen water to their homes.
Packaged cleaning chemicals – which largely consist of water, dyes and perfumes – are on a similar path as home-delivered ice because of a disruptive innovation that's rapidly gaining the acceptance and confidence of early adopters.
On-Site Generation (OSG) technologies create effective cleaning and antimicrobial solutions right on site.
This can eliminate the need for many packaged chemicals used by cleaning teams in education facilities, hospitals, public venues, casinos, retail stores and many other spaces.
A growing number of early adopters in these markets have discovered that solutions "made on site" with OSG systems often cost less than the blue, green, purple, orange and yellow packaged chemicals they've purchased for years.
But cost savings are only a small part of the story, as early adopters have identified other compelling advantages that make OSG worth adopting.

Simplified Cleaning Process
Replace multiple multi-colored chemical concentrates with a simple OSG unit.
Reduce the burden of training of new cleaning staff and showing them how to safely dilute and apply multiple chemicals.

Improved Health and Safety
Reduce employee, customer and cleaning team exposure to highly concentrated conventional chemicals.
Most OSG solutions contain no VOCs and no fragrance – which reduces unwanted odors and improves indoor air quality.
Unlike most packaged chemicals, OSG solutions leave no surfactant residues – and actually remove previous build-up.

Reduced Environmental Footprint
Lifecycle assessments conducted by independent experts indicate that OSG solutions result in a dramatically reduced environmental footprint compared to conventional packaged chemicals.
Associated packaging is greatly reduced, which minimizes disposal requirements.

Lower "Soft Costs"
In addition to the potential for lower chemical costs, OSG can reduce soft costs, such as training, ordering and managing of inventory.

How It Works
Uncomplicated devices (relatively low cost and easy maintenance) are connected to a tap water supply, drain and standard electrical outlet.
Softened tap water and a small amount of salt, which is typically stored in the device, are combined and the mixture flows into an electrolytic cell.
Water electrolysis creates two separate streams – a cleaning solution and an antimicrobial solution.
Built-in sensors measure critical output parameters in the solutions to ensure efficacy.
The solutions are then dispensed into spray bottles, automatic scrubbers, all-surface cleaners and carpet extractors for use by cleaning crews.

Learning Opportunity at ISSA
Like in-home refrigerators – or hybrid cars, cloud storage and smartphones – OSG is a true disruptive innovation.
While early adopters tend to move quickly, most end-users require understanding of OSG technologies and real-world evidence before they consider transforming their operations.
Orbio® Technologies, a Tennant Company group, is offering hands-on demonstrations of the technology at ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2013 in Las Vegas.
Additional information – including videos, whitepapers, ROI models and results from early adopters – is available at



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