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GermBloc Professional Has Developed A Revolutionary Infection Control System!

willSpeed ISSA/INTERCLEAN Exhibitor Profile

November 01, 2013
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GermBloc Professional Has Developed A Revolutionary Infection Control System!

willSpeed GermBloc Professional has developed three new products that work together to create a revolutionary infection control system!
The GermBloc Professional three-step system provides germ-free barriers for hands and high-touch areas in all facilities including offices, schools, healthcare environments, etc.
These products will reduce healthcare costs for workers and employees … an important consideration today due to the rising costs associated with healthcare.

GermBloc Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Lotion
This hand sanitizer lotion kills 99.9 percent of germs in 15 seconds, and it doesn't evaporate, offering protection for three to four hours after application.
The GermBloc alcohol-free hand sanitizer lotion is unique because it is healthy for users' hands — this product won't strip the moisture from skin like the typical hand sanitizer.
GermBloc lotion sanitizer includes seven moisturizers, six botanical extracts and two vitamins that return moisture to hands during use, and it will not damage hands like alcohol-based sanitizers.
While this product is healthier for hands, GermBloc Hand sanitizer lotion is FDA, CDC and WHO compliant and conforms to the hospital hand hygiene protocol.
And since it works based off an antiseptic, only .13 percent of active ingredient is needed, instead of the 70 percent of alcohol that other sanitizers require.
A GermBloc Hand Sanitizing Foam is also available, and it is alcohol-free as well. Available in bottles, pumps, refills and dispensers.

GermBloc Triclosan-free Antibacterial Foam Soap
The next component of this health and wellness system is the GermBloc Antibacterial Foam Soap that's triclosan-free and is available in bottles, pumps, refills and dispensers.
Much like the sanitizing location, this foam soap is soft and gentle on skin because it contains four moisturizers and three vitamins.
The antiseptic component will kill germs on a washer's hands while the other ingredients moisturize and care for skin.
Further, this foam soap was formulated without Triclason, Parabens or Poly Gylcol — ingredients that can cause adverse health risks for users.
"What we focused on is to create healthy products that promote health and wellness in the work place or home by taking the bad ingredients out of current health and wellness products and replace them with ingredients the do the job but won't have adverse health effects," says Roger Wilson with WillSpeed.
Available in bottles, pumps, refills and dispensers.

GermBloc Antimicrobial
GermBloc Antimicrobial has been proven to reduce transferable surface bacteria by up to 99 percent.
EPA-approved for porous and non-porous surfaces, and EPA-approved to provide long-lasting protection, the product has undergone independent testing that shows decreased microbe growth in hospitals, nursing homes and other locations.
This product creates an invisible biostatic layer of protection that won't allow bacteria to grow on the treated surface.
This treatment is recommended for high-touch areas such as door knobs, vending machines, counters, phones and desktops.
Where disinfectants are not an effective deterrent, Germbloc Antimicrobial lasts up to 90 days on solid surfaces and provides a lifetime protection barrier on fabrics.

Lasting Protection
"If you use the GermBloc soap to kill the germs on your hand and you use the hand sanitizer lotion, you have three to four hours of protection," Wilson continues. "Then, if you've sprayed all of your high-touch areas with the Antimicrobial, you've greatly reduced the transfer of bacteria by touch."
Moving forward, barriers are going to prove more important in the cleaning industry than disinfectants.
Regular disinfectants will kill germs on a door handle, but they will do nothing when a sick person touches a surface and re-infects it.
Using GermBloc Professional's three-step system will help create a healthy work environment and reduce the transfer of bacteria that causes of people to get sick.


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