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ProTeam Cleaning for Health® Tip of the Month

Your Future is 30% More Efficient

October 17, 2013
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Everything in the cleaning industry is about the time it takes. How long does the cleaner spend on each task, in each room, and in the building itself? Ideally, it's long enough to do the job well, while still being the shortest amount of time possible. Every once in a while, a new technique or tool is introduced that allows facility managers to net enormous time savings without a drop in quality. These game-changers can give early adopters a crucial edge over their competitors.

The latest cordless innovation from ProTeam®, the GoFree® Pro cordless backpack vacuum, is just such a game-changer. The GoFree Pro sets cleaners free from having their paths dictated by the nearest outlet. In recent field tests of the vacuum as a part of a cleaning system, the GoFree Pro shaved 1-1.5 hours off vacuuming time in a 4-hour loop.

"Managing the vacuum cord becomes a body response," said Rex Morrison, 30-year industry veteran who oversaw some of the field tests. "Every time you make a turn, you are 100% conscious of the dangers of catching your cord on obstacles. That's what takes the time up. It's not plugging in and unplugging - that's insignificant. It's constantly working with your cord and having the outlet dictate your path. With the GoFree Pro, you take the path of productivity that you choose."

Time once dedicated to cord management tasks can be reallocated to other tasks or turned into valuable labor savings. Not only that, but the absence of a cord is easier on the individual cleaner, relieving safety concerns of caught, crushed, or frayed cords and allowing for more focus on the task at hand.

According to Morrison, anything that takes pressure and stress off of the cleaning worker enables greater focus and productivity. This is why all of ProTeam's Next Generation backpack vacuums, including the GoFree Pro, have a redesigned harness system for greater comfort and mobility.

The FlexFit™ articulating harness creates 20% less pressure on the body than a standard harness system. Its secure, body-friendly fit improves comfort and range of motion. A pivoting ball joint connects the vacuum to the upper backplate, which responds to back and shoulder movements with three axes of rotation. The shoulder straps respond when the user reaches high or low, keeping the vacuum upright and centered. The result is a backpack that is more balanced, and less resistive to the user.

ProTeam designed the Next Generation of backpack vacuums to liberate cleaning professionals from their restrictions. By designing the most comfortable harness system to date and battery-powerful cordless innovations, ProTeam hopes to give cleaners more mobility than ever before.

See the GoFree Pro and Super Coach Pro™ series in action at ISSA Las Vegas 2013 – booth #2156, and learn more at

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