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November 2013 Maintenance Matters

The True Cost Of Quality

Selecting paint products that will keep projects on schedule and stand the test of time.

November 11, 2013
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From equipment and building repairs to plumbing and electrical, ensuring commercial facilities are well maintained — day in and day out — is a job description most workers in the maintenance and repair space have come to master.

However, as with any occupation, it’s important to look for ways to enhance the services you provide.

While you can take comfort in knowing the outlook for general maintenance and repair employment is expected to see continued growth through 2020 — according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics — remember the importance of staying competitive.

Never cut corners by overlooking customer service and quality work, as they are the pillars for not only successful facility operations, but employee confidence in your skill set.

Delivering on quality means using products that will stand the test of time and will help keep projects on schedule — and on budget.

With nearly 30 years of experience understanding the important role paint plays in facility upkeep, I’d like to review the benefits of using high-quality paint and how it relates to a facility’s overall appearance to employees, patrons and guests.

The Many Benefits Of Quality Paint

Maintenance professionals will experience many benefits when applying high-quality paint on a range of projects — from schools to hotels.

A great paint formula provides the ability to extend the life of a paint job and eliminates the need for constant touch-ups and in some instances, a complete re-paint.

Premium products come in an assortment of rich colors and deliver a more polished, finished look that requires less maintenance over time.

The next time you’re considering the use of high-quality paint, remember the value-add summary below:

  • Smooth, even application offers a more polished appearance.
  • Better hiding capabilities provide improved coverage, requiring  fewer coats.
  • Improved adhesion ensures paint can be applied to difficult, hard-to-stick surfaces.
  • Greater durability means longer service life of the paint and less maintenance required.
  • Enhanced protection and resistance to moisture, stains, mildew stains and dirt for easier maintenance and cleaning over time.
  • Greater color and sheen retention makes the paint job appear fresh and new for longer.
  • Expansive color options give greater design flexibility.

Select premium paints also incorporate technology that eliminates the need for a separate primer, meaning you can complete projects in less time and with fewer materials — something facility and property managers always appreciate.

Adding to these features and new on the market is a paint line that resists rain as early as 60 minutes after application, allowing workers to take on paint jobs later in the year during rainy season.

Provide Longevity

The true test of quality is with the lifespan of the job performed, and quality paints keep surfaces beautiful for many years.

For example, maintenance professionals who handle the re-paint of a school or retail building with a quality formula ensure the paint job will last longer, as quality paint has the durability features reviewed earlier.

Look for the latest advancements in stain-blocking, UV protection and dirt resistance to help enhance the longevity of the properties you maintain.

By using long-lasting products you demonstrate to property owners your ability and intention to stretch their investment over time.

Give Life With More Color

Most high-quality paints are available in a diverse range of color options, keeping maintenance professionals up-to-date with trends that can breathe new life into any property.

Though neutral colors may be a preferred and safe palette, consider adding splashes of color to accent walls, ceilings and floors to draw attention to open areas and drive traffic to points of interest.

Diverse color options can help facility managers add a personal element of design, making an immediate impact on a property — large or small.

Strengthening your color expertise translates into fresh, updated concepts that you can employ throughout the properties you manage.

Show The ROI

If you are ever questioned about the use of high-quality paint, your response should center on the Return On Investment (ROI).

ROI shows how selecting a high-quality formula can have a positive impact on the finished result and project budget over time.

The use of high-quality paint will often lead to better results and less maintenance, as it resists marring, scratching, peeling, flaking and staining, as well as effects from extreme weather conditions, such as color fade, gloss loss and dirt pickup.

These qualities are important to highlight, as they help decrease overall labor costs, as well as the need to stop regular business, or inconvenience those in the building, for frequent painting projects. 

Ready, Set, Paint

Less maintenance, better color options, longer-lasting finishes and more.

With the proof points outlined here, you’re ready to use quality paint to your advantage, stay competitive and impress property occupants.


Colin Jaffe is senior vice president of pro sales for Behr Process Corporation, where he is responsible for overseeing Behr’s North American pro sales service team. Jaffe helps supervise the merchandising and rollouts of new BEHR products. For nearly 30 years, Jaffe has served Behr working across many different departments as a sales service representative, operations manager, vice president of sales and senior vice president of sales operations. For more information, visit

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