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Bring Carpet Back From The Brink


June 19, 2013
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This case study discusses best practices used for heavy soils in commercial carpet using the VersaClean™ carpet cleaning system.

Situation. We were asked to clean 6000 sq. ft. of older, low-cut nylon carpet tiles in a space used for weekly church services. We observed significant wear patterns in the carpet.

Assessment. Most of the carpet was deeply soiled, with traffic lanes showing very deep soiling, plus coffee, protein and synthetic dye (from soda) spots. Some had been treated with spot remover products; many had not.

The last cleaning had been done with a commercial walk-behind unit about 8 months ago. We discussed the soiling conditions and spotting issues with the customer.

Equipment and Supplies  
  • VersaCarpet™ VC700 carpet cleaning machine
  • VersaCarpet™ Step 1 Prespray and Step 1 HD prespray
  • VersaCarpet™ Step 2 encapsulating rinse
  • 6 Dri-Pod airmovers

Plan A: Maintenance Cleaning 

We tested our normal maintenance cleaning procedure first. After thoroughly vacuuming a 150 sq. ft. area, we applied our Step 1 VersaCarpet™ neutral prespray solution using the VersaCarpet’s onboard spray wand followed by our Step 2 encapsulating rinse. After completing one section, we determined the soiling was so severe that we would need to modify our approach. This carpet needed a deep soil extraction, in other words, a restorative clean.

Plan B: Restorative Clean versaclean.jpg

VersaClean’s restorative cleaning process begins with our Step 1 HD (heavy duty) prespray. It features unique soil suspension technology that detaches even tightly-bound particulates from carpet piling and suspends them for removal. After applying the prespray to one section, we then agitated without vacuum applied. The rotary head’s 700 passes per minute agitated the soils, releasing them from carpet fibers and the carpet base. This process helped to loosen and solubilize literally years of soils.

We then proceeded with a rinse extraction using the Step 2 encapsulation product.

After the rinse, we treated any remaining stains with DyeGone, Chemspec’s spray-and-forget application. We then strategically placed Dri-Pods to ensure fast, even drying.

We inspected the carpet and found we were now getting the results we hoped for, so we moved on to the next 150 sq. ft. section.


The keys to our restorative cleaning process were using a more aggressive prespray (with adequate dwell time) and the VersaClean machine’s agitation. The unit’s multi-level rinse extraction reduces resoiling and ensures a deep restoration clean.

After completing this process, which only required one additional pass with the VersaCarpet machine, the carpet was dramatically cleaner. The high production rate of the VersaClean system saves labor and enhances profitability. We achieved 1000 sq. ft. per hour of cleaning, including setup, break down, and clean-up using a deep restorative process to achieve “real clean” instead of just the appearance of clean.


After initial testing, the flexibility of the VersaClean system allowed us to easily modify our procedure and quickly get the results we wanted. Versaclean provided dramatic cleaning results on highly soiled carpets and enabled us to leave behind dry carpets that were ready for use.

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