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July 2013 Cleanthoughts

A Brave New World

July 05, 2013
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New ideas, reality-based predictions and futuristic technology — this list is not the plot outline of a science-fiction movie.

Instead, it is a daily checklist for forward-thinking facility managers and business service contractors (BSCs) who are actively pursuing JanSan success.

Unlike Hollywood directors, 99.9 percent of industry managers and contractors do not have mammoth budgets and massive research teams.

Even so, cleaning professionals should remember to spare a few minutes each day to learn something new about their industry.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

In today’s competitive environment, cleaning companies that are on the cutting edge seldom sit still.

Versatile and energetic, these operations look towards the future and realize that the days of “that’s not what I do” or “I’m not interested” are over.

More and more managers and BSCs find themselves doing what they have to do instead of what they intended to do.

Yet, this does not have to be a negative situation.

For those that keep an open mind and strive to find new and unique opportunities, a clear-cut path to success will frequently present itself.

In the modern cleaning industry, improvements can include offering a new service, utilizing sustainable cleaning products, effectively organizing employee workloads and purchasing up-to-date equipment that increases performance and results.

Still, for every manager and contractor that works to learn about these updated products and techniques, there are others that sit stagnant clinging to outdated methods.

Many do not realize the damage they are causing, to themselves and to the industry.

War Of The Worlds

It is a scary fact, but it is one that managers and BSCs must face.

If operations sit stuck in their same old loop of cleaning for appearance using only out-dated tools and techniques, a new generation of cleaning and maintenance professionals stand ready to invade their market.

As cruel as it sounds, many cleaning operations face the simple but stark decision to evolve or die.

For this reason, and a number of others, it is important for even the most seasoned veterans in the JanSan industry to continue learning.

While some offerings may be a flash in the pan, others will provide real-world solutions to problems workers have battled for decades.

Further, once these updated processes have been selected and the improvements are made, managers and contractors should follow up with their clients and superiors and communicate these changes.

Showing that they have pushed to learn about new processes and products ­­— and instituted them on their own ­­— should go a long way to prove that an operation is the best option in a single market.

Moving forward, industry advances likely will be the key to unlocking profitability in the cleaning industry.

Only by actively learning about the latest cleaning options and techniques can a cleaning professional hope to hold the key.

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