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A personal note from Rex Morrison, founder of PC4HS.

February 27, 2013
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Time Studies In Process Cleaning

Creating “single-piece flow” with Process Cleaning For Healthy Schools® (PC4HS) to maximize efficiency while eliminating wasted time and effort.

We believe you must slow down before you can speed up.

That is, you must carefully break down each step of the work to see where time and energy are being wasted, then eliminate the wasted time/motion and — to borrow a manufacturing term that sparked a quality movement — create “single-piece flow.”

Single-piece flow is a fluid process that gets the job done in the smoothest, fastest, easiest way — without stops and starts.

This means that we spend a lot of time with a stopwatch and experimenting with different tools and ways of cleaning — including the notion of ergonomics and the time spent moving between cleaning tasks — to find the best, simplest and most direct ways to clean.

Even little things like picking up and putting down a duster take time, which adds up quickly and translates into lost energy and wasted money.

Every Little Bit Counts

For example, picking up a duster requires one second for each motion: Picking up and putting down.

Therefore, if the total work cycle time for dusting an object is five seconds, the two seconds spent picking the duster up and putting it back down is 40 percent of the total time needed.

If the task at hand only requires a total work cycle of three seconds, 66 of that time — well over half — is essentially unproductive.

It may only be a couple of seconds here and a second or two there, but it adds up to wasted time that can be eliminated by creating a specific “single-piece flow” for the dusting process that does not require repeatedly picking up and putting down the duster.

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