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Innovative Comfort And Cordless Convenience

ProTeam Inc.

November 20, 2012
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The New Super Coach Pro

Comfort and productivity go together like a horse and carriage.

Cleaning professionals who experience discomfort on the job clean inconsistently, slow down at the end of their shifts and have higher turnover.

If custodial managers can mitigate the factors that wear out their workers, they can realize enormous savings.

To unleash your workers' full potential, give them a vacuum that fits comfortably, causes less strain and leaves them with energy to spare at the end of their shifts.

Super Coach Pro The new ProTeam® Super Coach Pro breaks the barriers of productivity with the FlexFit articulating harness.

The harness is the most important mechanism on the backpack vacuum for user comfort because it is the sole contact point with the body.

Made of breathable mesh material, the FlexFit harness creates a secure, body-friendly fit while still allowing airflow between the back and the vacuum, keeping the operator cool.

The upper backplate connects to the vacuum with a pivoting ball joint, which responds to user movements with three axes of rotation, while the shoulder straps respond as the user reaches high and low.

The Super Coach Pro 6 and 10 debuted at the recent 2012 ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America trade show in Chicago.

Many cleaning professionals stopped by the ProTeam® booth and got their first chance to try on the new backpack and feel the difference.

When trying on the six-quart model, David from Grand Rapids Building Services said, "I don't want to take it off!"

Other ISSA attendees commented that the vacuum's strong suction cleaned with a single swipe, and the harness made reaching and bending over much more comfortable.

Like a mountaineering backpack, 90 percent of the vacuum's weight rests evenly on the hips and is borne by the strong muscles in the legs.

The new triangular shape improves balance, keeping the center of gravity close and making the vacuum feel more like an extension of the body.

Field test users report that it feels much lighter than previous offerings and maneuvers more easily through the indoor environment.

Unplug And GoFree Pro

Go Free Some cleaning professionals estimate that cord management takes up 30 percent of total vacuuming time; others think it's closer to 50 percent.

Either way, there are enormous productivity gains to be had by eliminating the time it takes to unwind a cord, plug it in, clean to the length of the cord, stop, go back to unplug, plug into a new outlet, etc.

In addition to time loss, a cord is often a vacuum's greatest liability: It can get pulled, twisted, crushed or frayed, posing risk to the operator and the facility.

In 24-hour operations where workers have to clean around building occupants, the tripping hazard is of great concern.

Theaters, stairwells, elevators and lobbies all present cord-related challenges.

For these reasons, a cordless backpack vacuum has become the holy grail of safety and productivity for the cleaning industry.

This inevitable push towards cordless has only been slowed by the progress of technology which, until now, has been unable to produce a lightweight battery with a long enough charge to justify the higher investment.

ProTeam® has benefited from advances in battery technology pioneered in the motor vehicle, cell phone and weapons industries in creating their lightest, longest-lasting battery to date.

The GoFree Pro has a lithium polymer battery that offers 55 minutes of continuous runtime with only 2.5 hours to bring it back to full charge.

"This would make my job so much easier. It's smoother and lighter," said a Chicago-based cleaning worker at the 2012 ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America trade show who tried on the GoFreePro.

Tina Enos from the University of Michigan simply said, "Can I take this home with me today?"

The GoFree Pro includes a one-year warranty on battery and charger, while the GoFree Pro and Super Coach Pro 6 and 10 include a three-year warranty on parts, labor and motor and a lifetime warranty on molded body parts.

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