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November 2012 Letters And Views

Letters To The Editor

Insight from the JanSan industry.

November 06, 2012
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Each month, we welcome readers to opine on the noteworthy — or even the trivial — aspects of their lives as JanSan professionals.

The following is some of the correspondence we have received in recent weeks.


Security Anxiety

The article on wireless access control in the July 2012 edition of Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine titled “Who Goes There?” provides a good overview of this technology solution.

However, three glaring misstatements can lead building managers into a false sense of security, so beware.

  • Untrue statement one: “Whenever anyone uses a lock, the identity of the user … is stored in a central database.”Door Handle Lock

Absent a clear video image of the actual lock user, anyone else can use another’s passcode or passcard to gain access into a restricted area.

This happens every day when workers briefly “loan” their passcode or passcard to co-workers or family members.

Despite security training and signed oaths, this is what occurs in the real world.

  • Untrue statement two: “This information creates an airtight record … of exactly what’s going on in your facility.

Again, absent a clear video image of the actual lock user, no positive proof that would ever support an arrest warrant or court prosecution of a trespasser misusing someone else’s passcode or password exists.

  • Untrue statement three: “With an electronic audit trail, you can prove who was and who was not present at the time of theft.”

Again, absent a clear video image of the actual lock user, all you can legally document is which passcode or passcard activated that lock at that time, not which user. - Donald White, director of safety and security for the Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute.


Mop MicrophoneTalent Beyond Cleaning

Congratulations go to Sterling Elementary School custodian Jeff Cox, an accomplished singer who performed before former President Bill Clinton’s speech at the recent Democratic National Convention (DNC).

Sterling Elementary School Principal Beth Wardy told her staffs about Cox’s appearance so they could look for him “live on TV in a blue choir robe.”

Cox, who has performed live around our community and has been professionally recorded, can add the honor of performing at the DNC to his musical résumé.

I called him before the event to extend best wishes on behalf of the whole district. - Dr. Heath Morrison, superintendent of Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.


Additional Unwritten Rules

After reading the recent blog post “Unwritten Rules Of Men’s Restrooms,” I have a few additions to the list.

My additional rules are:Men's Restroom Sign

  1. Stand close so your stream goes into the urinal
  2. If you use a toilet to urinate, raise the seat so it doesn’t get soiled
  3. Do not smear your feces on the wall. - Ed Samson, owner of Ameri-Clean Commercial Inc.


Fun And Games

I don’t have another rule to add to the “Unwritten Rules Of Men’s Restrooms” blog post, but there used to be an animated “pick the correct urinal” computer game based on some of your guidelines that I am trying to track down.

In the late 1990s, I used this game to open training meetings.

There would be one or more big, burly guys at a row of urinals, and you would have to pick the correct one to step up to without him pounding in your head.

Have you ever seen it? If so, can you help me get a copy? - Garrett Gerst, senior marketing manager of facility supplies for Unisource Worldwide Inc.


I stumbled across this website, Garrett, which hosts the game you mentioned in your note.

It is rather entertaining and surprisingly educational in an informal and fun sort of way.

Check out and test your knowledge of men’s restroom etiquette. - Aaron Baunee, managing editor.

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