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September 2012 Maintenance Matters Quiz

How Much Do You Know About Batteries?

1. Of the following, which type of battery has been used in professional cleaning equipment for the longest amount of time?

  • Lead-acid battery


2. Of the following, which type of battery typically requires the least amount of maintenance?

  • AGM battery


3. Which of the following is most similar to the type of battery found in an automobile?

  • Deep-cycle battery


4. Which of the following batteries do not need to be filled with water?

  • AGM batteries and gel batteries


5. According to a recent survey, what is the biggest benefit of battery-powered floor care machines?

  • Having no power cords reduces the possibility of a slip-and-fall accident and increases safety


6. According to a recent survey, what is the biggest concern about battery-powered floor care machines?

  • The batteries need to be recharged too frequently


7. How do the batteries in floor care equipment compare to a decade ago?

  • All of the above


8. True or false: In most cases, the battery should not be fully discharged before needing a charge.

  • True


9. True or false: When using a machine with a deep-cycle battery, the battery should be left in the machine if it is not to be used for a week or more.

  • False


10. Some manufacturers now install “low-battery cut-off systems.” These perform which of the following functions?

  • Turn off the machine before the battery is fully discharged


How did you do? Leave a comment below and compare your results with those of your colleagues.

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