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November 2012 Feature 3 Quiz

What Do You Know About Low-flow Technology?

Test your knowledge and complete a quick, eight-question quiz.

November 03, 2012
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1.   The impetus for touchless fixtures was primarily:

  • To reduce vandalism


2.   When were touchless restroom fixtures introduced?

  • Around the 1980s


3.   How are most touchless systems powered?

  • A combination of all three


4.   Dual-flush toilets use, on average, how many gallons of water per flush?

  • 1.28


5.   Faucets in the U.S. are designed to release how many gallons of water per minute?

  • 2.2


6.   What is the main cause of odor in urinals?

  • All of the above


7.   True or false: Many sensor-controlled faucets are designed to release water in 30-second intervals.

  • True


8.   One of the main reasons water and sewer costs are expected to increase in the coming years is:

  • To replace aging infrastructure


How did you do? Leave a comment below and compare your results with those of your colleagues.

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