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November 2012 Feature 3 Quiz

What Do You Know About Low-flow Technology?

Test your knowledge and complete a quick, eight-question quiz.

November 03, 2012
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Before anything else, make sure you have read "The Flow Of Restroom Technology," which ran on pages 20 through 22 of our November 2012 issue.

1. The impetus for touchless fixtures was primarily:

  • To save water
  • So users did not have to touch anything in restrooms
  • To reduce vandalism
  • To make restrooms easier to clean


2.   When were touchless restroom fixtures introduced?

  • Around the 1960s
  • Around the 1970s
  • Around the 1980s
  • Around the 1990s


3.   How are most touchless systems powered?

  • Batteries
  • Directly wired to the facility in which they are installed
  • Solar power
  • A combination of all three


4.   Dual-flush toilets use, on average, how many gallons of water per flush?

  • 1.65
  • 1.5
  • 1.28
  • 1.35


5.   Faucets in the U.S. are designed to release how many gallons of water per minute?

  • 1.5
  • 1.28
  • 2.2
  • 2.5


6.   What is the main cause of odor in urinals?

  • Bacteria growing in the urinal
  • The acidic nature of urine
  • Sewer odors released from the urinal
  • All of the above


7.   True or false: Many sensor-controlled faucets are designed to release water in 30-second intervals.

  • True
  • False


8.   One of the main reasons water and sewer costs are expected to increase in the coming years is:

  • To generate revenue for local communities
  • To replace aging infrastructure
  • So facilities can look for new water sources
  • None of the above


Click through to page 2 to view the correct answers.

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