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November 2012 Clean Sweep

Big Brother Is Tracking

If your business doesn't have its head firmly in "the cloud," it could be losing valuable assets and time.

November 01, 2012
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The idea of someone watching over us or our things has always been a part of the human culture, usually found in the science fiction section of the bookstore or movie selection.

Much has been made about the right to privacy, about how tracking people or other things could be an invasion of this that we hold so dear.

But, while the idea of someone watching over your person doesn’t exactly sit well with anyone, watching over your things is something anyone can easily get behind.Eye Watching Through Paper Tear

Keeping An Eye On Things

It makes complete sense, when you stop to think about it.

Think about all of the things you and your company use every day.

From equipment to chemicals, it could be very easy to lose track of everything if it’s not looked after properly.

That is where a company called NexTraq comes in.

The NexTraq Platform is “a cloud-based application that enables service and distribution businesses to optimize operations while reducing operational costs and maximizing revenue.”

In other words, NexTraq is technology to keep your business floating by making sure all of that expensive equipment doesn’t just happen to wander off on its own.

It’s already more than apparent that it takes time, money and stuff, a lot of stuff, to run your business.

What no one wants is to have to invest more time or money into tracking down or even replacing costly equipment and chemicals.

With a platform such as NexTraq, the likelihood of needing to replace things, equipment especially, because they have walked off on their own is greatly reduced.

The Human Aspect

Managing equipment and supplies is not the only thing a system such as NexTraq is good for.

A tracking platform can also be applied to a fleet of vehicles, should your company be large enough to have one.

With a fleet tracking platform, “businesses can manage commercial and residential appointments to ensure crews get where they need to be efficiently and on time. Global positioning satellite (GPS) vehicle tracking technology helps to schedule routes, dispatch crews and track activity to optimize fleet operations for improved customer service.”

With fleet tracking, you always know where your crew is and what their vehicle is doing.

It also allows your company to schedule appointments on the fly.

If you have vehicles out in the field and a call comes in for an appointment, emergency or otherwise, with a glance at some GPS data, you can quickly dispatch the nearest vehicle in the area to the site.

Not only does this allow you to manage your employees’ time more efficiently, but it opens up the possibility for new customers, and maybe new contracts.

The ability to track can also greatly increase your customer service, which is a necessity in the cleaning and maintenance industry.

“Businesses can manage commercial and residential appointments to ensure crews get where they need to be efficiently and on time. GPS tracking technology helps you schedule routes, dispatch crews and track activity to optimize fleet operations for improved and continued customer service.”

Knowledge Is Power

In the commercial cleaning business, more often than not, scheduled cleanings are known far in advance.

nextraqIf you’re lucky enough to have repeat customers, and that is the name of the game, those customers are likely set on a schedule, whether those are weekly or monthly cleanings, or more frequent cleanings that happen every day.

With the technology that is now available, however, business owners are more able to effectively manage their fleet and optimize operations.

“Without a clear understanding of a company’s fleet operations, it is difficult to make informed decisions that will increase profitability. In addition to the time and frustration saved by both business owners and crews through route optimization, companies experience measurable fuel savings.

Owners, operators or employees — it doesn’t matter what your position in a cleaning and maintenance company is; knowing how the business works is important.

Going at it alone can be daunting, and you shouldn’t have to, especially in a world of growing and evolving technology.

Utilizing technology to the advantage of your business allows you to gain a competitive advantage by knowing where your assets, chemicals, equipment and employees are at all times, allowing you to achieve measurable results and, better yet, to excel.

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